Powering growth for smallholder farmers in Africa.

Alosfarm is a new way to plan and manage your pre-harvest farming activities, document your progress and automate your post-harvest activites in one unifed interface.

Pre-harvest support

An All-In-One-Box farming solution such as action points for the field, content and hand-holding for process.

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Post-harvest support

Connects all farmers, agribusinesses and delivery logistics in one simple, seamless interface.

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Robust data Insight

Alternative Credit Scoring for smallholder farmers and critical data insight in post-harvest activites.

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The agricultural app for your pre-havest farming activities

Alosfarm is the easy agricultural software that provides tailored support, farming knowledge and recommendations on the go to improve your pre-harvest agricultural farming.

  • Creation and evaluation of reports
  • Work planning
  • Cost calculation and evaluation
  • Real-time insights and predictions
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Digital supply network for agricultural commodities

Alosfarm automate access to high grade agricultural commodities in a unified interface. You purchase high quality farm produce conveniently and at fair prices directly from smallholder farmers. We accelerate and streamline the procurement process.

  • Standardize and automate commodity trading
  • Simplify and streamline process and payment
  • Purchase high quality farm produce
  • Saves more money and time
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Smart Data & Alternative Credit Scoring

Alosfarm collects and aggregates alternative datasets from multiple sources to build credit scores for smallholder farmers in Africa and enable financial institutions to develop small-scale agriculture loan products.

  • Individual data
  • Agronomic Data
  • Environmental Data
  • Economic Data
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For farmers, agribusinesses & organizations

Alosfarm for Smallholder Farmers

Farming should be fair & sustainable for smallholder farmers! Action points for the field, protection and financial inclusion, profitability through market linkage and updated information for enhancement in farming knowledge are always neccessary. For Alosfarm, we provide automated solutions to achieve it. Customised for each and every farmer, online and onffline.

Alosfarm for Agribusinesses

Alosfarm makes the pre-harvest and post-harvest process for mid-market agribusinesses and entrepreneurs easier, simpler, more transparent and much more enjoyable through an All-In-One-Box solution to streamline farming and trading activities for agribusiness, without the complex aspects that add no incremental value to their businesses.

Alosfarm for Financial Institutions

Alostack provides financial institutions with an agriculturally relevant and data-driven model to assess risk and develop loans and other financial services that fit the needs of smallholder farmers.

Alosfarm for Enterprises and Brands

Alostack securely automate and make procurement of high grade agricultural commodities across Africa more efficient and transparent with end-to-end audit trail in one unified interface.

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