Powering growth for smallholder farmers

Alosfarm founded in December, 2017 to help smallfarmers build viable businesses and become successful agricultural entrepreneurs, thus impact on the entire rural eco-system and transfrom the critical stages of the entire food chain. Alosfarm is redefining the way Africa produces, distributes and consumes food starting with Nigeria.
We are focused on increasing the value to both the smallholder farmers and businesses while optimizing the huge wastage of food in the food chain.
  • We are transforming & modernizing critical stages of the entire supply chain.
  • Improving the limited access to market information & global best practices.
  • Connecting farmer to markets & helping them sell their produce from farm.
  • Optimizing the huge post-havest wastage of farm produce.
  • Ensuring buyers get quality and fresh farm produce.

Introducing the Journey...

Launched in December 2017, Alosfarm atttempts to fundamentally transform and modernize critical stages of the entire agricultural supply chain in Africa starting with Nigeria.

By bringing all the stakeholders in Nigeria’s agricultural value chain together to facilitate effective trading of farm produce, Alosfarm enables agribusinesses, farmers, and commercial agri-buyers to transact directly with each other at the national level, to reduce distribution costs, minimize wastage of farm produce, create financial security and increase supply chain transparency.

The problems we are addressing...

Lack of easy access for smallholders farmers in rural communities to sell their farm produce to larger market on time and the enormous post-harvest wastage of produce across the value chain is the major reason Alosfarm was founded.

At Alosfarm, we attempt to address these challenges by fundamentally transforming and modernizing critical stages of the entire agricultural supply chain. We work to improve farmers’ limited access to market information, support and the transportation & logistics linkages between small rural farmers and buyers of agri-produce to the larger urban markets, while optimizing the huge post-harvest wastage of farm produce.

Our Impact Agenda

At Alosfarm, we are passionate about empowering smallholder farmers together by improving their limited access to market information and also enhance the transportation and logistics linkages between the small rural sellers of agri-produce to the larger urban markets; and optimizing the huge wastage of farm produce using smart mechanism to ensure sustainable food security in Africa starting with Nigeria.

That tiny important aspect of us...

Our buyers are the tiny important aspect of us. We ensure our agribuyers and retailers get fresh and quality farm produce direct from farms.

Also, by using scientific processes for managing the distribution, storage and agri-logistics in existing structures we believe storage losses could be reduced from 10 percent to a mere 0.5 percent, translating into a saving of millions of dollars. A saving we believe could help attack the challenge of a staggering 40 percent of Nigeria that still go hungry regularly.

Meet the amazing team behind Alosfarm

Meet the Team