Data-driven platform for farmers and businesses

Alosfarm allows farmers & companies to work smarter by automating agro data collection and letting them feed this data into any destination they want.

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Datafarm for farmers

Real time agriculture education and content to farmers
online or offline, wherever they farm, anytime, anywhere. Access to advanced financial services in the future from already built credit history with us, compete in larger markets with local farm products and increase productivity and income.

Datafarm for Businesses

Simple data transmission infrastructure for businesses
working with local farmers on an organizational level via mobile and API HTTP-REST interface. Access Alosfarm’s payment, farmers profiling, and credit scoring technologies. Improve transparency and smallholder farmers profitability through data collection management and analytics.

Modernizing Agriculture

Hundreds of farmers trust Alosfarm to grow their farming business. Businesses love our infrastructure that let them leverage on our platform to accomplish everything from simple data-driven communications, to complex analytics serving hundreds of farmers. If you can imagine it, you can accomplish it with Datafarm.

Enjoy phenomenal success

Transforming smallholder farmers into successful entrepreneurs.

Step 1


Access farming information, market prices on your mobile. Get tailored contents delivered to you at any stage of farming.

Step 2


Connect and compete in global markets with local farm products. Learn and apply global best standards in your farming.

Step 3

Financial Merit

Build credit history to access insurance services and advanced financial services that suits you and your farm.

Step 4


Improve sustainability practices, increase productivity, build viable businesses and become successful agricultural entrepreneurs.

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