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Alosfarm is an agri-tech startup launched in December 2017 that provides an end-to-end solution for smallholder farmers and agribusiness in the post-harvest value chain, leveraging on technology to create impact.
We provide an online agro-trading platform that helps smallholder farmers in rural communities to sell their farm produce to larger market while offering convenient delivery of fresh farm produce to buyer.
Alosfarm works to develop a large network of online and offline market for farmers, providing them with an all-round support and extension services to ensure regular secured income for smallholder farmers and improve the Nigeria agricultural value chain to ensure sustainable food security.
Alosfarm tackles some of the main market inefficiencies and challenges to growth for smallholder farmers within the agriculture value chain in Nigeria. We work to improve the limited access to market information, to reduce the exploitative behavior of local buyers and middlemen and to improve the transportation and logistics linkages between small rural sellers of agri-production and the larger urban markets while optimizing the huge wastage of farm produce.
Our mission is to create a pan-African online trading and market network and provide knowledge and extension services to farmers for improved planning and productivity, stabilization of payments and finances, and help in implementing scientific practices.
Alosfarm vision is to fully empower the smallholder farmers in rural Nigeria and become the largest and most preferred agri-tech trading partner for the sell and delivery of value-added fresh produce for industrial scale off-takers and consumers ensuring consistent high quality, traceability and social responsibility.
Our farmers gets full access to market information, supports & extension services during the farm process. Alosfarm also sells their farm produce directly from their farms to larger urban online and offline markets through its network of Alosfarm agents and partner services. We’re making it easier for farmers to trade produce even before harvesting and ensure the get value for their produce.
Alosfarm is able to maintain the quality and freshness of products which is very important for buyers. Buyers get access to produce directly from farms which is much fresher and lasts longer when they request delivery on our platform.
Alosfarm is bootstrapped so far and is currently working to further enhance its platform experience, to reach out to more farmers and buyers.
Alosfarm also aims to develop an in-depth knowledge base about best practices and other relevant information.
Alosfarm’s long-term goal for the coming years include expanding our geographical reach across Africa, strengthening our technology and data analytics capabilities in the supply chain, developing a full-fledged SMS-based offline ordering system to help consumers and farmers in areas where there is intermittent or no Internet connectivity, and having a network of collection and service centers with world class infrastructure operating in a "hub and spoke" model to reduce post-harvest losses and achieve planned, predictable and consistent industrial scale sourcing.
By calling +234 (8) 60591772 or sending a mail to You can also creating an account on our platform, our agent will verify your farm and produce and then we'll list and sell your farm produce to buyers.
By simply creating an account on our platform. and requesting a delivery of available farm produce.

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