A channel for pre-harvest and post-harvest farming activities.

Alosfarm is a rare combination of tools, services and capabilities into a seamless, all-in-one-place solution for farmers, agribusinesses and enterprises.

Transforming smallholder farmers into successful entrepreneurs.

Solution 1

Enterprise Pro

Large enterprises, farmers and agribusinesses can automate their buy, sell, and accelerate the digital transformation of their procurement process with end-to-end audit trail.

Solution 2


Agribusinesses and farmers can access tailored farm data and purchasing insight on the go. They learn and apply global best standards in their farming busineess.

Solution 3


You build credit history to access insurance services and connects you to loans and financial management tools. This increases productivity and improves sustainability practices.

Solution 4


FarmFlex offers financial institutions and organizations with products and services to efficiently increase their agriculture portfolios and collaborate with farmers and agribusinesses from anywhere.

Farmers Features

Steamline and automate the pre-harvest and post harvest farm activities.

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Enterprises Features

Purchasing Automation for enterprises with complex purchasing functions.

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Partners Integration

Enable key busineess like logistics to integrate in our procurement process.

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