Streamline your pre-harvest and post-harvest farming activities with integrated tools.

Alosfarm is a rare combination of tools, services and capabilities into a seamless, all-in-one-place solution for farmers, agribusinesses and enterprises.


All-in-One Indirect Farm Management Platform to optimise pre-harvest and post-harvest farming activities

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Data Warehouse

Alosfarm collect and aggregate alternative farm datasets and you feed this data into any destination you want.

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Streamline your Pre-harvest farm activites

Alosfarm provides crisp action points about the farming techniques, hand-holding for process, field support, updated information for enhancement in farming knowledge, thus, bringing to the farmers real-time information.

  • Providing action points
  • Reporting and intelligence during farming
  • Simplify and streamline access to farm inputs
  • Drive costs down by cutting down man-hours
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Automated your post-harvest farm activities

Alosfarm connects farmers, agribusinesses, buyers and delivery logistics in one simple, seamless interface, minimising the human resource components required to execute the procurement processes in the agricultural value chain.

  • Automate the buy and sell of farm produce
  • Streamline interactions into a process flow
  • Drive post-harvest loses down to zero
  • Boost efficiency and profitability
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Agricultural Data Automation

Datafarm provides simple data transmission infrastructure for organization working with local farmers and real time agro data and content for farmers online and offline, anytime, anywhere. You feed on this collected data into any destination you want via mobile, SMS, or in one unified web interface.

  • Simple data transmission infrastructure
  • Credit scoring technologies
  • Improve sustainability practices
  • Gain critical insight into all processes
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Even more features

Our tools are packed with epic features to aid your farming or procurement processes, so you can focus on your most important work. We are powering growth in the agricultural value chain

  • Farming intelligence
  • Data Warehouse
  • Online and offline support
  • Advanced financial services
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Farmers Features

Steamline and automate the pre-harvest and post harvest farm activities.

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Enterprises Features

Purchasing Automation for enterprises with complex purchasing functions.

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Partners Integration

Enable key busineess like logistics to integrate in our procurement process.

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